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WOMEN'S FERTILITY Herbal Tea Blend is a supportive tea for the womb, concocted to entice the spirit of arousal while assisting to create a healthy environment in your bodily vessel. 

Tea Tin has a double seal closure and includes 21 biodegradable, hand tied tea bags.  


Allow 2 weeks for delivery when Tea Blends are out of stock
  • Wildcrafted & Organic ingredients:

    • Raspberry Leaf
    • Hibiscus
    • Tulsi
    • Shatavari
    • Lavender
    • Passionflower
    • Mint

    Directions & Disclaimer:

    Steep tea bag for 10-15 min

    ***Please speak with your medical professional before consuming holistic remedies.

    ***Do not consume if allergic to any of the ingredients

    ***Statements have not been FDA approved

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