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HAPPY YONI Herbal Yoni Steam is for normal routine care of your Sacred Yoni. Recommeded use every 30-90 days. 1.5 oz of loose herbal blend packaged in linen satchel.


YONI steaming (Vaginal Steaming) is the female self-care practice of allowing warm herbal steam to permeate the vaginal tissues and the womb by kneeling, squatting or sitting above a pot, bowl, or cauldron of freshly boiled water steeped with healing and reproductive herbs. This ancient practice has been used worldwide for thousands of years in areas such as India, Greece, eastern Europe, Africa, Korea, the Philippines, Japan and among indigenous people of the Americas like the Mayans. Across the planet and throughout time , women have utilized YONI steaming as a Sacred Act of reconnection with the power of the Divine Feminine, balance your moon cycle, increase fertility, cleanse and nourish the womb space, transition into menopause, healing your bodily vessel, heart, mind, & Spirit from physical, sexual and cultural traumas.

HAPPY YONI Herbal Yoni Steam

  • Steep desired herbal blend with hot water in heat safe bowl, pot, or cauldron. Have water container placed in the area where you will plan to steam. Steep herbs for 15-20 min or until steam is tolerable and safe for the sensitive tissues of your Yoni. Sit over your steeped blend, wrapped in a sacred blanket, clothe, or even sheet to enclose the steam. Steam your Yoni for 33min while using this meditative & Sacred Ritual to cleanse, honor, heal, renew, & empower your Portal ~ Feminine Divine ~ Sacred Yoni. Discard used herbal blend in compost or way you see fit. 

    ATTENTION: TO ANY ALLERGIES THAT ARE PRESENT FOR ANY HERB OR FLOWER LISTED ON INGREDIENTS. CAUTION: Using boiling or boiled water or hot water can be dangerous and is VERY HOT! Use caution when boiling or working with boiled or hot water. 

    • Sage
    • Rose
    • Thyme Leaf
    • Yarrow Leaf
    • Lemon Balm or Uva Ursi
    • Calendula
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