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Grammy's Cupboard Herbal Smoke Blend is a dedication to my Grandmother and our elders. Grammy's Cupboard also has many uses and benefits for lung health, spirit communication, & ancestor veneration.

Mullein has long been used to assist in opening the lungs airways, it is a smooth and delicate smoke inhale. Red Clover historically was used for asthma relief and assisting whooping cough. Calendula and Clove finish up this blend with immune boosting properties and the senses delight in comfort at the scent and taste of it.

Grammy's Cupboard Herbal Smoke Blend

  • Herbal Smoke Blends can be added alone to your desired smoking apparatus or in addition to loose tobacco or medicinal flower as your state or country allows by law. 

    Your corked jar includes 1 oz of wildcrafted organic loose herbal blend:

    • Mullein
    • Red Clover
    • Calendula
    • Clove

    *** Medicinal uses of herbs and their properties listed by The Mother Mage are opinions and teachings of medicinal herbal practices. These statements are not medical advice. Speak with your Medical Practitioner before using herbal blends. Herbal blends are not to replace medications prescribed by your Medical Practitioner.

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